There are over a million words in Spanish and English. There are dozens of thousands that are the same.  We will not only identify them for you, but show you how to construct new ones from your English, since listing all of  them would be a very thick book.  Of course, we will show you in 38 thrilling chapters how to use them to form phrases and sentences.    And yes, just like that, you will be able to order pizza, get wherever you need to go (or shouldn’t), and even get that Hottie’s phone number.


With our new, revolutionary technique, developed by author Larry Chandler, you will be speaking Spanish in no time.

Instead of trying to force feed grammar and a long list of complicated situations, the book focuses on what you already do best, and what you already know.  On top of that, the book is super fun and quite irreverent, and will keep you turning pages to see who he will make fun of in the next page.


The great thing about languages is that many of them are similar.  Spanish and English are virtual twins if you know the tricks that identify them as gemelos (twins).  Spanish has the awful  conjugations, English has the awful lack of structure.  Spanish is phonetic, logical and predictable.   Using the chapters in this book will put Spanish in your mouth and fun in your brain.  We started off to make Spanish easy and wound up writing the funniest book in history.  Of course, a lot of vodka had to be swilled in order to keep it crazy and amusing.  Sometimes dirty.


The easiest way to learn Spanish is to speak English with a Spanish accent.  To remember the words, we give you memory aids as we did in the word “rosada” which means pink.   In addition to memory aids, we can make most words sound alike anyway.   Do you have a problem saying Bar?  It’s the same in Spanish.  How about idiota?  How about adios?  How about identical?   That’s how easy this book is compared to all the others.


It is important to realize that after age 8 your brain cannot easily learn language by the immersion method as promoted by such as Rosetta Stone.  You must learn as an adult and you only have a 40 minute attention span in language.  Therefore, we made it funny to hold your attention and we made it simple so even adults can do it without drills, memorization, or difficulty with pronunciation requiring hearing it.  In our book, if you can read you can speak Spanish excellently. No tapes, no computer screen, no nothing except your electronic device and a little spare time.  We promise 20 hours.


Why US?

The idea behind this book is simple.  We will teach you how to take advantage of what you already know, and make it fun.  You will be able to communicate in just a few hours.  This book will not make you a scholar in Spanish.  But you will be able to talk.

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If you pay attention to this book, we are teaching you both English and Spanish for the price of only a Spanish book. Give the extra price that you're saving to your favorite charity; we are doing this for fun not money. O.K., we’re doing it for the money, and half the team also wants the fame that brings babes.

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We have so much confidence in this, that we
have thrown in an unconditional lifetime
guarantee  on this. If you do not like it,
return it for a full refund.

It works like you won't believe!




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From the author

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This website by Language Magic, Inc. and Lawrence U. L. Chandler, Jr. is dedicated to the idea that languages can be learned easily if you know the tricks and keys to unlocking them using a related language that has many similarities.  This is true with most of the 15 Romance Languages deriving mostly from Latin (Rome) and includes Greek as well as German.

The goal in teaching you a new language is to overcome the several obstacles to learning:  your attention span is limited to about 40 minutes when learning math or language unless you are really having a good time.  Language is unique in that children learn it by immersion because their brains are wired to rapidly learn how to communicate with their tribesmen to survive.